This last year I’ve become involved in the Simbi community, an online service and product bartering community. I started out writing inspirational letters to people across the US and Canada, did some proofreading, gave website feedback, and wrote some bios for people starting their own online presence. In return, I’ve been able to sample lots of delicious homemade canned goods, custom artwork (see the picture above for one of my favorites), received a local fresh cut flower bouquet for my mom, and even had one of my poems set to music. It’s been a fascinating experience, and I would love to see more local people involved in this great community.

Check it out here:

Below are some of the people I’ve met and awesome experiences I’ve had on Simbi.

Loud Paintings – This YouTube channel and Instagram account is run by a really awesome guy named Mike, a sumo wrestler and overall interesting person.

Fare of the Free Child – Akilah S. Richards is an amazing Unschooling advocate with a really interesting podcast that tackles some of the issues associated with decolonized education and alternative forms of education for children and families of color.

Shelby MacKinnon – A makeup and digital artist from Canada who created some wonderful fan art and custom art for me (including the featured image at the top of this post).





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